Joey Baruch
Joey Baruch
CTO | Entrepreneur | SW+Data | Forbes Tech | Cornell Tech MBA | NYC

About Me


I love building things. Having built several businesses and the technologies best positioning them for success, I've learned some key lessons that permeate throughout my life.

Knowing what to build is more important than knowing how to build, though both skills are necessary. As an engineer, it's easy to fool oneself into thinking that robust engineering is the main priority. However, selling something that other people want to buy is existential to the business, while what's under the hood only matters when it's desired.

Quick iterations and optimizing for learning will beat most other operating strategies when getting off the ground, from product experiments through lifestyle commitments to parenting practices. Making small changes in multiple directions at high cadence shows which paths ahead are feasible and which should be avoided.

It's all about the path of least resistance. As the technical leader, you're the tip of the spear when it comes to finding and materializing the way from where the business is to where it needs to be. You're part of the select few who can see and navigate the business goals and needs while understanding the available technological options and tradeoffs.

For the past year, I've been lucky and blessed to be A&M DIG's CTO, where practicing those lessons led to a better outcome than I could have ever imagined. We obsessively listened to our client needs, iterated quickly to build tech to address those, and proved the value of our product, our team, and our innovations!


  • Was published on Forbes on Agile Analytics in SQL , describing opinions on trends and tactics for building modern data stacks.
  • Co-Authored a paper on Data Centralization Provides Operational Insights with Steven Lee. This paper provides strategic advice to Private Equity firms on how best to leverage their data to optimize their returns.
  • Led the technical development of a high-margin revenue-generating business from near inception, leveraging a high versatility of engineering and business skillsets to achieve self-sustainability within a year of operations.
  • Iterated business processes through several levels of automation and scale through innovative design, system architecture, and data management expertise, incorporating machine learning for best-in-class results.
  • Previously co-founded and built two businesses, a vertical SaaS startup and a small consulting shop, accruing expertise in leading small engineering teams to achieve significant business goals.
  • Proved expertise in software engineering at PayPal, IBM Research Labs, and Qualcomm, building Petabyte-scale processing systems, conducting cutting-edge research in distributed systems, graph databases, natural language processing, and building development tools for other engineers.


Personal Interests

  • Parenting. My first daughter was born in 2018, and she has changed my life. I've embarked on the most important journey of life, and I'm endlessly excited to spend time with her, watch her grow, and become a person I am genuinely proud of.
  • Building Things. It's an exciting time for data and machine learning. Having built a few modern data stacks, I enjoy lengthy discussions about available components, technologies, and other (rather nerdy) topics.
  • Building Data Products. It's an exciting time for machine learning. I'm working through classes at Cornell and online in Data Analytics, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning. I enjoy lengthy discussion in these fields and many other (rather nerdly) topics.
  • Hang gliding. I have flown gliders since I was a teenager until a few years ago. While I no longer have the risk tolerance to practice this sport, it's still a source of inspiration, defining who I am.

Other Things

  • Served in the Israeli Defense Forces for three years full time, and ten years in reserves.
  • Fluent in Spanish, Hebrew, and English

Recent Projects

  • Building the tech stack for A&M DIG has been a passion project for me. I designed, architected, and deployed a full virtual private cloud (VPC) with a data warehouse, ingestion, transformation, and visualization layers with state-of-the-art security. I'm proud of having led a team to maximum impact with minimum resources building best-in-class machine learning tools to serve our clients' needs.
  • I built and ran a small tech consultancy providing product development, web-app design, deployment, maintenance, business model, and go-to-market strategic consulting.
  • In the first startup I co-founded, I Built a webRTC-based video communication solution deeply integrated with a CMS and a CRM to provide a top-of-the-market fitness experience (early COVID times...). I hired and managed a global team of 8, focusing on creating a growth mindset and culture of ownership, empowerment, and accountability in an inherently asynchronous team environment.
  • To experiment with akka, I designed and built this HTTP log monitor that can has massive horizontal scale.
  • I've experimented with a slack based app with a google cloud backend that predicts the likelihood that two students in the same school will enjoy being friends and recommends meeting up.
  • I built an AWS instance running Python and Jupyter notebooks, and computed the riskiness/lethality of different roads and intersections in NYC using an Open Data set.

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