Joey Baruch
Joey Baruch
Constantly Under Construction | Seasoned Software Engineer | Cornell Tech MBA | NYC

About Me

I have over 6 years of experience as a software engineer and have worked at both startups and large organizations. While I'm a proficient Java and Scala developer, my most recent expertise is in building big data analytics infrastructure (Spark, Kafka, stream processing).

I love building things. While hard engineering problems are often intrinsically fun to tackle, I'm most excited about impacting the growth of new products and ventures from scratch - doing whatever is necessary. I'm looking to join an early or growth stage startup where I can take the lead on architecture and technical development, take on collaborative team leadership responsibilities, and be involved in product development and company strategy. I'm looking to continually learn and leverage learnings to continue the company's and my personal growth.


  • Helped develop at scale, event processing engine using spark structured streaming, kafka, and HDFS - processing petabytes per day.
  • Led integration efforts across multiple teams and multiple countries to embed a new data processing platform into the company's ecosystem.
  • Created an Object Graph Mapper library for the Apache Tinkerpop Gremlin language, enabling the use of Titan 1.0.0 (an open-source graph database) as the underlying infrastructure for a NoSQL discovery tool.
  • Recreated NLP chat specific text classifiers and benchmarking tools from academic whitepapers for research purposes, disproving the viability of automated thread disentanglement in group chats with current classifiers.
  • Created and maintained a dedicated compilation tool and a test automation system for hardware-specific firmware, saving hundreds of developer hours.
  • Was awarded first place in PayPal internal hackathon for building a web-based radio station.


My personal interests include:

  • Parenting. My first daughter was born in 2018, and she has changed my life. I've embarked on the most important journey of life, and I'm endlessly excited to spend time with her, watch her grow, and become a person that I am genuinely proud of.
  • Building Data Products. It's an exciting time for machine learning. I'm working through classes at Cornell and online in Data Analytics, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning. I enjoy lengthy discussion in these fields and many other (rather nerdly) topics.
  • Hang gliding. I flew gliders since I was a teenager and until a few years ago. While I no longer have the risk tolerance to practice this sport, it's still a source of inspiration, and it defined who I am.

Recent Projects

  • I've experimented with a slack based app with a google cloud backend that predicts the likelihood that two students in the same school will enjoy being friends and recommends they meet up.
  • I built an AWS instance running Python and Jupyter notebooks, and computed the riskiness/lethality of different roads and intersections in NYC using an Open Data set.
  • My Medium blog covers my startup studio journey. As part of my Cornell Tech MBA, we're building a startup that addresses the problem of doing at-home physiotherapy pre/post knee replacement.

Other Things

  • Served in the Israeli Defense Forces for three years full time, and ten years in reserves.
  • Fluent in Spanish, Hebrew, and English

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